LIPA Board's Role in Achieving our Mission and Values:

The LIPA Board of Trustees aims to achieve excellence in governance in keeping with its important civic responsibility. That begins by defining the mission and values that determine how LIPA serves our community. The LIPA Board has approved several policies intended to clarify our role and responsibilities as fiduciaries, set appropriate governance priorities, and enhance our collective performance as the governing body for our local, publicly owned, not-for-profit electric utility. The Board will continue to review and enhance our policies and practices over time to ensure the achievement of LIPA’s mission to enable clean, reliable and affordable electric service to our customers on Long Island and the Rockaways.

Long Island Power Authority Mission Statement

LIPA is a not-for-profit public utility
with a mission to enable
clean, reliable, and affordable
electric service for our customers on
Long Island and the Rockaways.

2017 Operations and Oversight Plan

2018 Work Plan

The 2018 Work Plan describes LIPA’s Board policies for key performance areas such as customer service, reliability, clean energy, and affordability, and the projects staff will undertake over the next three years to advance LIPA’s mission.

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